Meet 'Inbox' - A New Way to Manage Communication with Candidates 💬

Today we rolled out Inbox - a new way to manage communication with candidates, all in one place.

Messaging candidates, the old way

Previously, all messaging was handled from within individual candidate profiles. This worked great in isolation, but as you post more and more jobs it became difficult to get an overview of what was going on across all open (and closed!) positions.

From your continued feedback, we developed Inbox.

Our take on a traditional inbox

Like a traditional email inbox, we have collated all your messages centrally in a clean, organised style that you'll already be familiar with. In addition, you get a candidate profile snapshot with every conversation, displaying important details such as; personal information, application stage, shortlist status, and private notes.

Information is exactly where you need it, when you need it. New messages appear within Inbox and candidate profiles, and all updates to applications are immediately reflected everywhere.

Saved message templates work with Inbox too, of-course! Simply insert a template, make any changes (if required), and send in just a few moments - right from the message composer.

We hope Inbox helps you communicate more efficiently, and continues to simplify your hiring process. Thanks for using GoHire, and we welcome your feedback! 😊

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