Introducing GoHire Questionnaires

The innovative way to filter through candidates.

Questionnaire forms are a great way for you to get more information from candidates prior to an interview and, in turn, hire the best people for your business.

Using questionnaires as a way of screening candidates will help your company make better and more informed hiring decisions before spending valuable time and money during the interview process.

This is why we are so excited to announce our brand new 'Questionnaires' feature.

A simple way to filter candidates

For some positions, you may have hundreds of applicants that you simply don't have the time to work through manually.

Our new feature allows you to send questionnaires to candidates, in bulk or individually, asking for specific information relevant to the role and your company. Questionnaire templates are completely customisable, giving you full control over the filtering process.

You can create unlimited questionnaire forms with multiple different question types, making them accessible for different candidates, roles and stages in your hiring workflow.

You can also use questionnaires to gather feedback from candidates following an interview. Adding these to your hiring process will help to improve future hiring campaigns, as well as build rapport with possible employees.

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