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Why your growing business needs HR technology: 3 tips for hiring smarter and staying human

Digital transformation in HR can improve your processes, save you time and find you better hires. Follow our 3 tips for your growing business.

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Why your growing business needs HR technology: 3 tips for hiring smarter and staying human

You know the buzzword - “digital transformation” – its impacting everything from how we buy groceries, communicate with friends, and get things done on the job. There are times when this transformation sometimes feels like we’re losing the crucial parts of what makes us human – connecting, speaking, engaging face-to-face whether it’s a small transaction in a shop or a long overdue catch-up with your best friend. Never has this been truer than during 2020 and the pandemic.

At GoHire, we know how important communication and connection is for your growing business. We think that technology can enhance your ability to find and hire great people, in fact, its why our Founder created the platform and is at the core of our mission to go beyond a traditional applicant tracking system and enable SME’s to find amazing talent and connect them to great jobs.

As I began writing I wanted to focus on tips and tricks that could help your growing business via technology such as applicant tracking systems (ATS) and hiring platforms, I came across this article by Craig Williams on HRNews. He outlines some great tips for using online recruitment software to transform your talent hiring. They include:

1.       Ease the work of employees through high tech equipment.

2.       Create an automatic HR process.

3.       Use technology to track progress.

Craig’s article includes more useful tips and information. I want to focus on how technology (like GoHire) helps to automate and speed up the hiring process.

In the UK alone, SME’s account for 60% of private sector jobs and in the US, small companies create 1.5 million jobs annually and account for 64% of new jobs. To stay in business, the hires you make are critical.

Hiring, as anyone running a small business or start-up knows, is time consuming.  The buzzword is “time-to-fill” – the time it takes from creating a new job to hiring a person for the role. According to some recent studies, during Covid, the time to fill has increased from 15 to 23 days on average. All of this is hours you lose in doing other parts of your role, especially if you don’t have internal HR staff to manage the process.

In our conversations with clients many discussed defaulting to hiring recruiters or agencies to save time. While you may get hours back, you lose when the invoice arrives, spending as much as 20% of a new hire’s annual salary in finding that person.

Transitioning to online platforms like GoHire can automate and make it easier to find and source great candidates but you need to make sure you find the best system for you. In addition to Craig’s recommendations, we also suggest you look at a few important details when assessing the right system:

1. Ease of Use/Build your Brand - There are lots of systems that say they’re great for you as a small business owner but if you’re spending days trying to get it set up and then have myriad of customer support tickets due to making it integrate with your systems, what’s the point. Being able to integrate an ATS as part of the careers page/section of your own website helps build your brand and get you better candidates as a result.

2. Communication and Connection – This is where you keep that every important piece that makes us human. Many platform providers say they make connecting easier, faster, and smarter, but don’t. The ability to write a job description and have it post to all the job sites you need (from Indeed to LinkedIn to local forums) is critical. And being able to seamlessly communicate via email, add a questionnaire or request additional information quickly while still addressing everyone as an individual gives you back ownership of your hiring without taking countless hours of admin or losing the personal connection everyone craves.

3. Price– Not much more to be said here. And at risk of patting ourselves on the back a bit, GoHire is actually one of the most inexpensive systems on the market yet ticks all the boxes for features, integration and ease of use.

Learn how others have used our recruiting platform and how it helped to transform their hiring strategies and practices. Going digital doesn’t have to be hard and can free you as a business owner to focus on what’s important – bringing on great people to help you achieve your goals.

Karen, CMO GoHire

By GoHire

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